Monday, July 3, 2017

Ganxsta Love

Born in Pasadena California Ganxsta came up listening to west coast greats like dj quik other west coast artist that set the tone for gangsta rap, Ganxsta's music is the vision of old school music with a blend of new school west coast music, he has always had my hand in music no matter what it is, growing up in Pasadena I had to learn fast on the streets no matter what the outcome, music is his life and he bases his music on real life situations, Ganxsta love is opening doors for different artist he is the Ceo of Ryder gang Music And Ryder gang Ghana putting tracks down with west coast legends like Mac Mall, Macadoshis From 2pac Shakurs Group Thug Life and Banging On Wax Legends Red Rum 781, June Dawg. And West coast Vets like Big Prodigy from South Central Cartel, Mitchy Slick while helping up and coming artist from Ryder gang music Killa K, Phroot Loop, MC Dogmatic, and Mexarican Hustle, RedSign Da Ru, OG Capone & L-Dogg & G wayine Ganxsta's G Funk and strong rhymes of the west coast are a smooth but hard hitting vision of the music he puts down.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Red Sign Da Ru

My name is Tamas Vagi (Redsign Da Ru) from Hungary,Overseas but homies call me Redd. I was born in 1991.09.03. in Budapest,Hungary I raised in these streets of suburban. In my early child ages I went down to the neighbourhood with a local kids and did some troubles. When I was 8 years old I started to intresting about the Hip Hop culture, and listened famous artists like Eminem, 50 cent, Snoop Dogg.. and more. They gave me a lot of inspirates to decided try out myself in this. My first artist name was "K-L.o.c." (Killa - Lifestyle of Conversation) I started recording songs with a lowkey cheap price mic without any diffusiors or something like that. I learned english from my grandpa first because he used to working as a computer system specialist in a US company. In the other hand i seen a lot of g movies history movies listened so much songs of the big names. My first track had a lot of unrecognizable words and expressions, but I didn't care about this I felt the way what I did. In my 15 me and some of my homies tried to recordings in better quality, but only later I could go to a real studio. I was 17 when I did my first kind of serious work the "FOLLOW MY LEAD DOGG" [F.M.L.D. VOL.1] It has 10 tracks and bonus track. After this album I made Vol.2. in short time.. Half year later I done an EP what's call "K-Loc Presents K-L.O.C. EP". The whole album been recorded in one of my homie's studio. In 2010 I got my first studio mic and I made 2 project with it. "Switch 2 My Broadcast"/ "Never Give Up" (LP) My First Studio demo album was "Tha Loc Profile" In 2009 I started bang for Mob Piru as official. So I need to change my name from K-Loc to "K-Loc Tha Redsign" and after its been "Redsign Da Ru". in 2015 me and my homeboy Capone started to work together on a album call "Guess Who''s Red Awesome" In 2016 me and Capone started to Join Wrongkind Ingles Records as "Eurowrongkind" 2017 I got known Ganxsta Love from Capone's "Round One" 

Releasing Dates:

 2009. Follow My Lead Dogg Vol.1-2 (Unreleased album)

 2010. Let's Loosin Wit Me (Low Quality album)

 2010. Kinda New Jack (unreleased album) 

2010. K-Loc Presents K-L.O.C. (tha EP) 

2010. Look Into a Punishment Eyez LP (studio album)

 2011. Tha Loc Profile (Demo Studio Album)

 2012. Want Some Get Some Ep 2012. The Power In My Pen (unreleased album)

 2013. DizzFull EP 2015. Capone & Redsign Da Ru - Guess Whos Red Awesome (unreleased album)

 2016. Redsign Official Teaser (Mixtape)

 2017. Capone & Redsign Da Ru - Savage Timez Vol.1. True Colors (Drop End Of Summer)

 2017. Da Ru World Order Vol.1. EP (Coming Soon)

Monday, December 21, 2015

MC Dogmatic

New artist from Ghana Mc Dogmatic is tearing up the scene in Ghana rydergang Ghana is proud to present Mc Dogmatic

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Little Snippet From Ganxsta's Interview With G Funk France

Lot of cats have left the team and i hope the best for em and there future endeavors, people have to be about there word life has its up and downs and dog i have to keep it real, Dub R Gee is family i got love for the homies but i have to push the line and keep the ball rolling, I dont gossip i expect women to gossip not men i dont let people drop seeds in my ear just to make shit better for them, im working with Micah Mg Green and my boy Lockness, L-Dog, Champ, Rednose, June Dawg, Prodigy from South Central Cartel, and Turfknock and Green Yard Krew and various other artist will be on Cold Blooded Vol. 1...


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New L Dog Album Coming Soon Ryder Gang Music

Highly regarded as the hottest underground artist coming out of AZ L-Dog Album will be one of hottest album coming out if you like Westcoast G Shit peep out L-Dog...