Monday, July 3, 2017

Ganxsta Love

Born in Pasadena California Ganxsta came up listening to west coast greats like dj quik other west coast artist that set the tone for gangsta rap, Ganxsta's music is the vision of old school music with a blend of new school west coast music, he has always had my hand in music no matter what it is, growing up in Pasadena I had to learn fast on the streets no matter what the outcome, music is his life and he bases his music on real life situations, Ganxsta love is opening doors for different artist he is the Ceo of Ryder gang Music And Ryder gang Ghana putting tracks down with west coast legends like Mac Mall, Macadoshis From 2pac Shakurs Group Thug Life and Banging On Wax Legends Red Rum 781, June Dawg. And West coast Vets like Big Prodigy from South Central Cartel, Mitchy Slick while helping up and coming artist from Ryder gang music Killa K, Phroot Loop, MC Dogmatic, and Mexarican Hustle, RedSign Da Ru, OG Capone & L-Dogg & G wayine Ganxsta's G Funk and strong rhymes of the west coast are a smooth but hard hitting vision of the music he puts down.

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